Kitchen, Home and Bath Renovations ...could be in the Box!

If you are considering an addition to your home, you may want to stop and think for a moment. As professional architects working on older homes in the tri state area, we find that quite often the answer is "in the box".
Dining Room Renovation
Whether it is the need for a larger Dining Room...Achieved by removing a wall and relocating mechanical and structural componets into decorative beams and columns.....

Or a New The Master Bedroom Suite enhanced by relocating closets to the front of the room freeing up the area adjacent to the existing Master Bath so that a once very compact master bath is now spacious with framed views of the city that can be enjoyed from the shower and the rest of the bedroom suite. Pocket doors with antique glass can be used to close off the bathroom while still allowing natural light to filter into the bedroom. Master Bathroom Suite Master Bathroom Suite

Kitchens can present a real challenge. Relocating doors to redirect traffic away from the 'work triangle' can free up space for the cook while adding storage and comfortable seating within the space at the same time.

Before kitchen Renovations Before Kitchen RenovationKitchen Renovation

Bigger is nice...but in these economic times,
Better may be the right answer for you.