Ranch 'Dressing' Tasteful Home Renovations

ranch style home
So, you bought the ranch.... What now?

Ranches in my town, look out of place among the charming older Victorians or the traditional Center Hall Colonial and stately Tutors. The 1950's Ranches are now known as 'Vintage Modern'. Ranches can be quite chic...with renovations done correctly, paying attention to the original details and doing the best within the existing genre is the secret.

The construction of a 1950's Ranches is solid and adding on or updating the existing is practical. Finishing touches and matching missing hardware or fixtures has been made easier with the help of Rejuvenation a period lighting and hardware online store. Design Within Reach another resource can help you with furnishings.

Let's say, you just can't 'do' your grandma's house. You want to update and bring the house up in time. This can be achieved by changing the 'trim package', updating the floor finishes, the bathroom and kitchen cabinets and the color scheme.

The The typical ranch trim package is a 2-1/2" casings around the doors and 4" baseboards. The doors are usually flat and hollow. By upgrading the trim to a 4" casing and a 6" baseboard you will add some 'weight' to the details.

Selecting a heavy wood door from Simpson and good looking hardware, you will give the home some character and a look that has been coined 'Transitional' ...meaning not historical and not modern. "Transitional" renovations will provide a clean updated look that will hold value in the marketplace. New tile and a new vanity in the bathroom, new wood floors and and an updated kitchen will make your home stylish and simply elegant.

For Clawson Architects most extreme Ranch 'Dressing' that is tasteful and unforgettable check Clawson Architects website to see how the Ranch above became so much more...
Renovated Ranch Home