One only has to walk through the streets of New York City to see the homeless trying to stay warm. Sometimes its a small structure made from boxes or found objects. On Fifth Avenue you can see many on the steps of St. Thomas. This past December, I had the opportunity to attend Picture the Family, a breakfast hosted by the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Essex County (IHN). The objective was to put a face to the Homeless Families here in Essex County and to showcase how through a network of volunteers and donations different faith based organizations were making a difference in the lives of many.

Here at Clawson Architects we have the privilege of assisting our clients build their dream houses. We are blessed to have a successful practice with successful clients. This year as we begin to set our goals for giving back to the community we have selected to become a Dream Team Member...pledging to support the effort of the Interfaith Hospitality Network with a quarterly donation.

This support allows IHN to make important strides by helping to direct more families to their own dwellings along with family, job and financial counseling. To learn more and even add your support through monetary contributions or volunteering contact IHN