Ten things a GREAT Contractor will Say/Do.

  1. "Joe"  here will be the Superintendent on your job.  He will be here every day at 8am.  Here is my phone number and his phone number should you have any questions or concerns.
  2. Here are the copies of  licenses and insurance certificates for all the people that will be working on your house.
  3. I have prepared a detailed schedule to mitigate delays and manage the team's expectations.
  4. I would like to have weekly Team Meetings to review progress we have made, next steps, and any changes to the scope, budgets, shop drawings created for custom work, and schedules.
  5. Let's refer to the Construction Documents.
  6. Let's ask the Architect what the design intent is before we go changing things.
  7. While it may appear that the Structural Engineer has over-designed this, I am sure they have researched the code and done the calculations to ensure the integrity of your house. I will call the Architect and Engineer to review alternatives that achieve the same goals but may result in a cost savings to you. 
  8. I have prepared an analysis that outlines the associated costs/savings you will incur for the changes discussed. Additionally, I have prepared the Change Orders with the associated costs/savings for the approved scope changes (resulting from unforeseen conditions or client requests) for the Team's review and approval.
  9. I have protected the areas that we are not going to be working in.
  10. I look forward to working together with this Team.
Engaging the Contractor can occur at different times.  The interactions discussed above take part during the Construction Administration/Observation Phase. To learn more about how to work with an Architect and the different phases of a project, visit Clawson Architects web site.