How to find an Architect: choosing a good one will Increase your Return on Investment.

Today was a great day and not just because it is October 10, 2011, 85 degrees and sunny outside here in the Northeast, but because we received a note from a new client. They write:

“We initially consulted with an architect in 2004 with the thought of making a three story addition. In those days, you could almost be assured of making back any money that you invested in the house, but nowadays I think that the renovations need to be smarter and make better use of the space you have.” ….” We are in Maplewood in part because we love old houses, and would like to work with you (Clawson Architects) because your projects are sensitive to maintaining continuity with the style of the house, but provide improved use of space.”

Thank You!….we are thrilled that you see the value of using an Architect but even more, that you understand that Clawson Architects is different because we deliver so much more than a box on the back. The Star Ledger described the work by Clawson Architects as “smart and unique” and Period Homes wrote a profile about us and our worked titled “Tailoring Tradition,” both articles featured various projects -- all different styles and scales -- and made us very proud. But to have you, the consumer, recognize and tell us why using Clawson Architects for your project is a great way to protect the investment you make in your home is great feedback and confirmation that the word is out and that people can see a difference.

Clawson Architects, LLC prides itself on addressing our clients' project goals while building a sustainable relationship with them and the built environment. We value creativity in our approach to problem-solving; bigger is not always better. With over 60 years of combined experience between the partners, we are qualified to offer innovative architectural design solutions for your property. We utilize a cooperative team approach to designing your project with you. Clawson Architects' years of experience and our established network of professional, craftsmen and vendor contacts has a proven track record in the metropolitan area. Clawson Architects values the opportunity to work with you on your project by designing alterations, renovations, additions as well as new homes that complement your lifestyle, decorative tastes and the architectural character of your property while meeting your financial goals.

Businesses and Sales Coaches often ask, "What is the Value Proposition...what is it that you bring to the table and how is it different?" Clawson Architects has a portfolio of beautiful projects: new home, renovation, and addition success stories. However from a purely numbers point of view, when looking at the Return on Investment (ROI), Clawson Architects has witnessed their clients' homes receive both post-construction appraisals and post-construction sales that deliver an ROI of  22% -200%. Just one more reason to consider Clawson Architects as your Architect in a time when you need an investment you can count on.

Thanks again for choosing Clawson Architects, now lets get to work!