Architects depend on the "Referral Machine"--oiled best by satisfied clients. Glowing Referrals for Clawson Architects

Architects are typically working themselves out of a job.  Repeat clients certainly do exist, however, many clients are building their dream house/addition and there is only one dream that can be realized. We have found that our best clients come from the Referral Machine -- satisfied Clawson Architects clients whose first-hand experience with our firm provides their friend or colleague who is now a potential Clawson Architects client with a valued, experience-based opinion of us and our work.

The Clawson Architects team always works hard to exceed client expectations, and while we are gratified to hear that our clients love spaces we've designed for them and are happy, nothing -- absolutely nothing -- beats reading a review that articulates everything that we worked so hard to deliver.  Yesterday, I was overwhelmed by a glowing review posted on by a past client of Clawson Architects.

If you have ever wondered if you need an Architect, questioned the benefit of using an Architect, or were apprehensive about what the experience might be like, check out this review.  Two years later, they are still thrilled... AND SO ARE WE:

"We hired Clawson Architects to do a major rennovation of our 1910 house, involving a completely new kitchen and family room, plus a new second floor hall full bathroom.

Why hire an architect?
When money is tight, you might be tempted to “skip” the architect and just hire a builder directly. In our opinion, this is a mistake. It can mean the difference between getting a space that’s merely adequate versus one you’ll truly love.

Why hire the Clawsons?
Drawing skills.
Marvin Clawson’s extraordinary drawing skills saved us time and money. He stood in our old kitchen and quickly sketched different ways of arranging windows, doors, cabinets, hallways. He showed us, in correct perspective, how our kitchen would appear looking down a paneled hallway. He drew three-quarter-views, cutaway views, views as if we were looking through floors and walls, etc. Believe it or not, these days, almost no architects can do this. CAD (computer aided design) drawings, which his office also does, have their place, but the turn-around time is necessarily much slower than Clawson’s instantaneous vision.

The result of Clawson’s old-fashioned drawing ability is better communication between architect and client. We could really see how his ideas, and ours, would look. This helped us rule some things in or out immediately. It also made it easier for him to see what we cared about most. As a result, we made faster, better decisions that we stayed happy with.

Good period design.
The day of the cookie-cutter McMansion is over. The Clawsons are experts at increasing the feeling of light and usable space in your home without needlessly over-building. Our kitchen feels bigger than it is because it is well thought out. The Clawsons know how to incorporate period details that made our house more charming and functional. Our 1910 house got a “milk window” and a laundry chute.

Knowledge that means quality and savings.
The Clawsons’ deep knowledge of materials, and sources helped us achieve a high-end look on a budget. Jane had her heart set on a stone sink like ones she had seen in European farmhouses, but was dismayed by the high price of such items. Thanks to Marvin Clawson, we got a custom-made sink made of native limestone at a fraction of the cost.

The contractors recommended by the Clawsons were a pleasure to work with – Scrupulously punctual, neat and highly skilled. They delivered a high-quality result well before the deadline.

In the 2+ years since the job was completed, we have been super-happy with the result. Seems like we spend most of our time in there! It's a beautiful bright sunny room all day and all year long. It's hard to imagine a better outcome.

We whole-heartedly recommend Clawson Architects LLC! "

Does it get any better than this?  Thanks Jane and John...we loved working with you too.

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