Architecture Profession is a commitment to learning and teaching.


....It has been a big  SCHOOL week for the Clawson Clan. We took our oldest daughter off to college for her freshman year, saw our son walk out the door to start his freshman year at the High School and tried to keep up with our third as she sashayed down the block, rocking her own sense of style—anxious only to collect her Safety Patrol Belt and take charge as a new Fifth Grader.

But it does not end there in our my husband and partner loves learning and teaching and works as an Adjunct Professor at The Fashion Institute of Technology and The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art.  This fall within the Interior Design Department at FIT he will be teaching Materials and Methods—providing students with an understanding of the construction process as it relates to the building of interior spaces and Interior Architectural Detailing—a course addressing the basic elements of architectural woodwork and related joinery methodologies and their application to the detailing of various custom components of interior spaces.  At the ICA this year there is a new program Beaux Arts Atelier —a one year intensive program in New York City in the study of architectural design following in the method of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts.  This year, the most exciting part for me, is that we will all join him when he travels to  California to Lecture in Los Angeles about "Literature and Theory of Classical Architecture."

As Chekov once said "knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.  Marvin has always been involved in lecturing or reviewing student work and portfolios.  Besides his love of being an Architect, teaching and mentoring really compliments Marvin's spirit as he loves to share his passion of architecture and art. Have a question about how bikes go together, how scotch is made, why there are little circles embossed in the ring around the stick shift on a particular model car?— give Marvin a call. He loves art and design and his attention to detail will amaze you.

I realized as I sat down on the couch last night, that on September 6, 2011 that I had actually attended 21 Elementary School "First Days". It is time for a new chapter in my life.  As you know from previous posts that being an Architect is a commitment to Lifelong learning so, what do I want to learn about now?