National Architects Week

"National Architecture Week, April 10-16, is a time to showcase the positive role architects play in our communities and highlight the power of design." — AIA
The American Institute of Architects (AIA) released a schedule of events for the Week.

When I tell folks that "I am an Architect." The response is typically, "I always wanted to be an Architect." It is often romanticized. As children we love to create little worlds whether it is a tent with blankets in the living room or a tree house in the back yard. When we get to college, the Architects have cool 'studios' instead of labs and classrooms and they build these crazy cool models and presentations. To build is to create and leave a legacy. But you don't have to BE an Architect to influence or create a legacy. Everyone has an opportunity to make a difference. However, when it comes to the built environment, a Professional Architect will be the key to its success. The Architect's role in all of this will be to interpret and coordinate the needs and information and then develop ideas and into thoughtful and sustainable solutions. Good design matters and the skill of a trained Professional Archtiect will make the difference in creating a legacy to be proud of. It does take a Village to build something special and that Village should have an Architect involved from the beginning.

Being an Architect has it's "cool moments" but working together with people to create something unique and beautiful that enriches the lives of the end user is powerful.